by Ivy Morales

Hello from San Juan, Puerto Rico! Easter is a such a happy time for kids. But this year, amidst the pandemic, we may have mixed feelings about it. However Easter can remind us that it’s also a time of HOPE. A day on which we can PAUSE IN OUR MIND and feel what’s happening outside and enjoy and cherish our families friends and love ones. Technology is so amazing that even if we are not together, we can call or video chat and what better way than with a family video call for Easter brunch!

Miss Ivy ??and Hope the Bunny ?? have prepared a list of ideas to help you enjoy tomorrow with your kids on Easter Day.

The Golden Rule: Before doing anything, take a moment for yourself, take a moment to breathe, take a moment for you and your own practice. Take a moment to stretch and mediate. Take a moment to think positive and attract good vibes. You are amazing, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are an amazing parent and doing a great job. Now let’s get started!

Breakfast/Brunch at the restaurant in your house:

  • Prepare a special place in the house and set it like a restaurant.
  • Set the table with a full Easter spread, including flowers, fancy place with cloth napkins, and a “reserved sign” special for your kiddo.
  • Offer a menu with your Easter themed selections which can include bunny shaped French toast or pancakes with fruit and Bunny shaped PB&Js.
  • As you take your kiddos’ orders, wait on them with white-gloved to create an air of fine dining. Bonus points if you wear white gloves.

Fun activities for those families stuck indoors:

  • Indoor scavenger hunt. Depending on their ages you can hide things or clues for them to find.
  • Indoor obstacles course.
  • Bonus: combine the scavenger hunt with the obstacles course ?
  • Living room theater movies. Invite your kiddos to see a movie in the “theater” complete with written invitations, movie tickets and a special treat for the movie.
  • Indoor live action board games. Prepare a special area in your home and set it up like a game in which you are the piece.
  • Dance/Karaoke party in your living room
  • Indoor camping. Prepare a special place in the house where you can setup either a camping tent or hang out sheets and use it as a camping site. Turn off the light and with flashlight on, make shadows animals with your hands. You can make a story, do a puppets show or simply play with the shadows.
  • Treat them to a spa day

Gifts you can make when you can’t get out to shop:

  • Homemade bubbles
  • Homemade dough
  • Homemade clay
  • Homemade coloring books
  • Homemade books
  • Homemade paint
  • And my favorite: homemade stuffed animals

Children are resilient, Easter is not about the gifts, is about the time you spend together. Enjoy the simple things.

Presents can last a while, but memories last forever ?

Namasté ?
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